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First-ever film festival on card to celebrate Independence Day

AT News Report

KABUL: The Afghan Film to honor the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence in a novel way has arranged a film exhibition to showcase 100 movies.

Sahraa Karimi, the incumbent president of the state-run film company, told Voice of America (VoA) the film festival would be held between 3rd and 10th of August.

The venues specified for the exhibition include Ay Khanoum Theatre, Noma Rasana Theatre, Kabul University Cinema and Afghan Film Theatre, she added.

Karimi described the purpose of the festival as ‘revitalization’ of the old culture when families used to go to the cinema. “The aim is to familiarize people with the movie theatres and films.”

She said the low quality movies produced in the recent years had come at a cost of Afghans losing interest in cinema and therefore people saw cinema with a negative perception.

Celebrating the 100 years of Afghanistan’s independence, the Afghan Film has planned to exhibit 100 films – including domestic, foreign and historical films from the film archive, as well as films produced over the past 18 years. 

Karimi said that it was the first-ever film festival being organized by the company, adding such other festivals would be conducted in the years to come.

The budget for the Afghan Film Organization (AFO), established in 1968, come from the government. Many of its contents were destroyed by the Taliban, although some staff members saved valuable films risking their own lives.

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