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Five million Afghans enjoying Etisalat phone services

By Akhtar M.Nikzad-KABUL: The Etisalat Afghanistan telecommunication company announced Wednesday that its customers’ number has increased to five million since 2007.

Chief Executive of the company Salah Zerguerras told media that it was committed to connect all Afghans to the world through telecommunication services.

He pointed out that Etisalat was the first telecommunication company that launched the 3.75G services in Afghanistan, adding that “Etisalat would continue to its initiatives and renovations for improvement of telecommunication services in the country.

“We are thrilled to announce that our customer base has grown to five million in Afghanistan and it was due to our subscribers’ trust regarding to our effective public services,” Salah said.

He stressed that United Arab Emirates (UAE) government was pleased to continue its support for expansion of telecommunication services in Afghanistan to keep this country enjoying the best technology.

According to him, Etisalat Telecommunication Group provides telecom services among 23 counties, but Etisalat Afghanistan is the first company amongst the three companies which supply more suitable services.

“Today, millstone is bolstering our wish, our belief that we can serve better our customers now. Our subscribers are five million people but we hope we can raise it to eight million in the near future,” he mentioned.

Etisalat launched its services in Afghanistan in 2007 and has invested around $400 million and is growing rapidly.

The company termed insecurity and inopportune regulations of telecommunication as the main challenges in front of operations. He asked the government of Afghanistan to facilitate the laws and regulation to provide effective service for people.

“A whopping five million customers and a noteworthy presence in 34 provinces in a span of eight years are numbers that speak for themselves,” the company said in a statement, adding that it was a firm understanding where it fitted in the markets and in society.

The mobile phone system came to Afghanistan in the early 2000s and quickly changed to the largest investment, occupying the entire country.

There are five private and two state-run telecommunication companies serving in the country. The largest government revenues come from these companies’ taxes.

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