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Five million women Struggling for Job in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Karima Faryabi Minister of Economy said that the five million Afghan women needed job opportunities.

In the wake of March 8, marked as the international women’s day, the Independent Directorate of Local Governance in cooperation with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) held a ceremony in support of the Afghan women.

Talking to the ceremony, Faryabi said that only 16.6 percent of women are having jobs at the moment”. “The statistics show that five million women are at home,” she added.

But the ministry of women affairs said that 29 percent women have been working in civilian organizations.

Women Minister, Hassina Safi emphasized on escalating women’s capability in the country. “Within one month, the process of appointing (women as deputy governors) in 34 provinces would be completed,” she said.  

The participant included a number of high-profile women. They announced their support to the current system to maintain their rights and achievements made in the last two decades.

US Charged’ Affairs Ross Wilson said that women played a “critical” role in every aspect of the society.

“March is Women’s History Month. For the past two decades, gender equality has been a cornerstone of U.S. initiatives in Afghanistan,” he added.  “Women play a critical role in all aspects of society: security, education, healthcare, academia, and so on.”

Deputy Minister of defense in policy and strategy, Munira Yusufzada said that more than 3,000 women were working in “system” now. 

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