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Flash floods kill 134 people across Afghanistan

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KABUL: Torrential rains that triggered flashfloods have killed at least 134 people, while dozens wounded and gone missing across Afghanistan; and the related agency scrambling to help the victim families.

The State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management says over 134 people have died and 38 others gone missing in the recent flashfloods hit Herat, Kabul, Badhakhshan, Badghis, Parwan, Ghor, Kunduz, Daikondi and Logar provinces. The natural disasters have also cased displacement of thousands of people.

Deputy Minister of Natural Disaster Management, Mohammad Qasim Haidary said Wednesday that tremendous efforts have been underway to help the flood affected families.

“Casualties have been increased, 134 people died, 38 others went missing, 61 wounded and 4,647 houses completely destroyed, and 5,924 others partially,” he said.

Meanwhile, a statement of Presidential Palace said President Ashraf Ghani has ordered related departments to immediately help affected families.

But some residents across the country, including Kabul, have complained that they have not received essential needs so far.

“My name is Babrak, we have spent all the night beside river, no one has helped us, we live in 3km distant from presidential palace, but didn’t received any aid,” said a resident of Kabul.

Also, Ameergul a resident of northern Kuduz province, said precipitations have destroyed our houses, “we are in trouble, and the government didn’t pay any attention to us.”

On the other hand, Mohammad Aslam Sias another official at State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management said the assistant teams have provided essential needs to the flood affected people in several provinces across the country.

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