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FM Rabbani resigned, accuses Arg of favoritism

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KABUL: Salahudin Rabani, leader of a political party “Hezb-e- Jamiat a Islami” and the acting minister for foreign affairs on Wednesday has step downed from his position, saying that he didn’t consider continuation of his job essential at the current situation.

In his resignation letter, Rabani has indirectly accused President Ashraf Ghani of inflicting damages to the governmental organization, saying that such acts were not endurable.

“From the initial days of the government till the recent, I have been witnessed of forge formation, isolation of organizations which are considered as the pillar system in the world and acts of favoritism towards government’s formation,” he added.

Rabani, who was mostly representing the chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah in the National Unity Government, has had dire relationship with President Ashraf Ghani. Also, Rabani has announced his support from Abdullah’s electoral team in the September 28th presidential polls.

Earlier this year, the Independent Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee has accused the foreign ministry of corruption and fraudulence.

Later on, the Independent Administrative Reform Commission has expressed concerns regarding foreign ministry’s lack of cooperation in countering the corruption in its administrations.

Rabani then has turned down the allegations and called them a political agenda against him and the ministry.    

His resignation comes at a time, while the National Unity Government is experiencing its last days of legitimacy in Afghanistan.

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