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Food price skyrocket amid virus lockdown

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KABUL: The state of quarantine in the capital city due to threats of the Corona virus has caused increase of foodstuff prices that is a matter of serious concern.

The increase of prices takes place despite most of border points are open for traders to import foodstuff.

“Poverty and joblessness is increasing. People are unable to buy food. The price of foodstuff is getting higher despite most of border points are open,” said Zarif and Wahid, two residents of Kabul city.

They said that the quarantine and unemployment are two elements of increase in foodstuff prices.

Zarif, father of four says he was worried of hunger danger more than the threat of virus.

Basir, a shopkeeper in Microrayon neighborhood, blames traders and wholesalers for increasing the price of foodstuff.

“Eggs, wheat flour and other things are very expensive now,” he said.

The government imposed a three-week long day-time curfew in Kabul city. Most of business centers are closed and people say they are facing economic problems.

But the Kabul Municipality says they are controlling the prices and punish violators. Officials in the municipality said Tuesday that tens of shops were closed due to violating the law and selling good expensive.

“The Kabul Municipality is bound to serve our dear people. We have closed tens of shops who were selling their good in high prices,” said Narges Mohmand, spokeswoman of the municipality.

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