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Food shortage in Kunduz and the Taliban

War with its basic elements of fighting, death, and destruction, terror, displacements, and chaos cannot restore peace. And those who think that war is the ultimate solution to the issues in Afghanistan, actually they have gone astray. The sooner they realize this fact, the sooner the people of Afghanistan will take a sigh of relief and will see peace coming back. The fall of Kunduz to the Taliban and their retreat is what tells us that violence just breeds violence and unleashes miseries. For instance, the traumatized citizens, who are returning to the city of Kunduz, have been facing shortages of foods, medicines and other essentials. The Taliban have left the city of Kunduz with signs of terror and war. When the signs of war were vanishing elsewhere in the country because reconstruction is going on and buildings are being built, the city of Kunduz came across the short-lived reign of terror where most of the signs of developments were injured. Even the residents are still faced with a nightmarish situation as they say the Taliban have threatened them they will storm the city once again. Now, it is the job of the government to ensure that the Taliban will never succeed in storming the city once again as they have been given a good lesson by security forces. It is hoped that President’s Ashraf Ghani’s visit will help address the fears of the general public there. However, the government needs a long-term policy to prevent anti-state elements from creeping back into the city and unleashing terror once again. What the Taliban did to the city and its dwellers, have left indelible imprints and scars on the mind of general public. From hospitals to civilian houses, from government buildings to international humanitarian offices, there is hardly a place they didn’t attack. Local officials said that on 14th October, power supply and water supply systems were partially damaged. The trouble is that all kind of weapons have been used in the war and violence but unfortunately just one or two peace approaches have been used, which clearly shows that insurgents and their supporters prefer violence over peace talks. Violence and war means death and destruction whereas peace means life, development and love. The challenge arises when the rival party doesn’t agree to be part of peace talks and clings to violence, then, it becomes necessary to defeat the rivals militarily. By doing so, you hamstring their ability to use violence as a political instrument. And when their ability to hit back with much intensity, they are left only with one option, to come to the table of talks. When there is violence, it is the civilian population that is ultimately the worst victim. Moreover, it is painful when those who are serving humanity and save lives become news. For instance, the Paris-based aid group, Medicines’ Sans Frontiers (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders said on October 14 that two more of its staff members were presumed dead from an October 3 US airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz city. With this incident, the death toll has reached to at least 24. An international probe has been sought into the airstrike, which killed at least 14 medical staffers from the humanitarian group and 10 others at the hospital. But who is responsible for the chaos and bloodshed in Kunduz city and the exodus of thousands of people, anyway? The insurgents are responsible as they know they are liars but speak mere portions of the truth in order to deceive and this deception is destruction, but they are good craftsmen in lying. At least they must carry out their own survey what kinds of troubles the people are Kunduz are facing in the wake of the fall and retreat. Perhaps it will make their eyes open and will make them hesitant not to push the innocent people into troubles and perhaps they will get to the table of talks.

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