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Foreign intervention causes instability in Pakistan, Afghanistan: Asfandyar

AT-KABUL: President of Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan claimed Wednesday that foreign intervention was the main reason of terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said that the exploitation of the establishments of the two countries were part of foreign agenda.

In a statement,Khan said that the war imposed by “the foreign elements have cost thousands of civilians’ lives on both sides,” adding as long as the foreign intervention exists there would be instability in the two neighboring countries.

He disagreed with US President Barack Obamathat warned that instability would continue in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and some places of the countries would be safe havens for “new” terrorist groups.

Asfandyar rejected the statement, assuring that both countries would soon enjoy prosperity and stabilitybecause cordial ties were undeniable reality.

Khanblamed Pakistan’s 1980s interventional policy regarding Afghanistan, saying:“Whatever Pakistan and Afghanistan aresuffering from violence and extremism is the result of failed policies taken bythe then Pakistani government duringthe Soviet invasion in its neighbor.”

The leader of ANP said that his party always rejected so-called jihad in Afghanistan and termed it as “menace”.

Chairman of PakhtunkhwaMilliAwami Party (PKMAP) Mehmood Khan Achakzai had earlier said that peace was impossible in the region without ensuring stability in Afghanistan. He also hinted for having good relationship with neighboring India.

Addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association, he said:“It is not possible to envision peace in the region without restoring stability in Afghanistan.” Furthermore, Achakzai called for policy of non-interference in Afghanistan for the sake of stability in the region.

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