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Foreign terrorists defeated, if Afghan Taliban embrace peace: HPC

AT-KABUL: The High Peace Council says that if the Afghan Taliban stop fighting and join the government peace process, foreign terrorists would be defeated.

It said Sunday that the government of Afghanistan proved by killing Pakistani Taliban leader that nobody was allowed to use Afghan soil against another country and this would continue in the future too.

Mullah Fazlullah, the leader of Pakistani Taliban was targeted and killed by a drone strike some two weeks ago in the eastern province of Kunar close to the border with Pakistan.

The council’s spokesman, Sayed Ehsan Taheri, said that now it is Islamabad’s turn to take practical measures regarding peace process in Afghanistan.

Taheri assured that there would be no worries about the presence of regional and international terrorists once the Afghan Taliban join the peace process.

“We are expecting a practical commitment from Pakistan over the peace process of Afghanistan. This is important for us to reach an agreement with the Taliban regarding peace, then the regional and international terrorists will be defeated.”

Pakistani Taliban on Saturday, introduced Noor WaliMehsood as their new leader. Mehsood is reported to be 40 years old and had been previously working as deputy for the first leader of Pakistani Taliban BaitullahMehsood who was killed in the tribal areas.

Hopes are blossoming among the Afghan officials about Pakistan’s cooperation for the peace process after the death of Mullah Fazlullah, with President Ghani calling his death as a big step towards trust building between Kabul and Islamabad. He asked Pakistani leaders to bring Taliban leaders to the peace dialogues.

But, some political analysts believe that Pakistan would not meet Afghanistan’s peace demands despite the killing of Fazlullah.

“Their active presence is the tensions Afghanistan had with Pakistan. We could use the opportunity, for example when we handed over Fazullah, we could take over Haibatullah (leader of Afghan Taliban staying in Pakistan),” said political expert, JavedKohestani. He called on the government not to repeat the failed old policies against Pakistan.

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