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Foreigners among 152 militants killed in Kunduz

AT-KABUL: At least 152 Taliban militants including foreigners have been killed over the past five days in northern Kunduz province, said an official source on Wednesday.

The governor of Kuduz, Muhammad Omar Safi, Afghan security forces in crackdown on militants killed 152 and wounded 115 others.

He told a press conference that the Islamic State fighters were also involved in the attacks.

According to sources, fighting is still going on in Gor Tepa, Qala-e-Zal, Dasht-e-Archi and Ali Abad districts of the province.

Safi said that 37 insurgents have been killed on Wednesday out of which 10 are foreigners. “The killed foreign militants include four Tajikistanis, two Usbekistanis, one Kirgiz, two Chechens and one Turkish citizen,” he added.

Bokhdi News quoted a source on condition of anonymity as saying that Pakistani fighters were also among those killed in Kunduz fighting. “I don’t know the exact number of Pakistani militants killed in the operation, but the ID cards that we have recovered from the insurgents show that some of them are officers of Pakistani army,” the source added.

The fighting started in different parts of Kunduz province on Friday, after that the Taliban announced their spring offensive.

A number of parliamentarians recently raised concerns that the province may fall into hands of the Taliban, if the government did not sent backup troops.

However, security officials assured people that neither Kunduz, nor any other provinces are going to fall into the Taliban’s hand.

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