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Foreigners in Afghanistan pursuing own goals: Analysts

AT-KABUL: In a session organized by the Federation of Afghanistan’s Civil Society (FACS), political and security affairs analysts on Sunday said that foreigners were not interested in development of Afghanistan but they were here for their own interests.

The session was aimed to discuss the existing challenges and strengthen national unity further. On the occasion Gen. Attiqullah Amarkhil, an analyst, said that foreigners would never rebuild Afghanistan as they are in the country to secure their own interests.

He said that foreigners would never lead Afghanistan towards development; therefore, Afghans should stand united as a one nation and overcome the challenges.

Amarkhil asked the nation to show patriotism and work for development of the country.

Gen. Zalmai Wardak, a security affairs expert, said that if Afghans were not awakened then strangers would dominate them.

He said that Afghan people must be aware and awake to prevent others from dominating them.

In order to rescue the country from current challenges, Afghans should follow those who have the leadership qualities not those who give them food, he added.

Chief of the Fasl Naween Association, Dawod Majidi, said that it was responsibility of the government to provide relief to public while overcoming the current problems such as insecurity, unemployment, energy crisis and price-hike.

He said that nepotism was still rampant because hiring of the relatives by the high-ranking officials is continued. Majidi also emphasized on the national unity.

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