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Former attorney general accuses Ghani of releasing dangerous criminals


Kabul: Farid Hamidi, the former Afghan Attorney General said in an interview that former President Ashraf Ghani released a large number of people convicted of drug trafficking, rape and kidnapping under the pretext of releasing Taliban forces.

Stating that these people were among the most dangerous criminals, Hamidi considered corruption at the top level of the Ghani government as the reason for this action.

Hamidi added that among the 5,000 Taliban forces, the Presidential Palace has also released 700 dangerous criminals from prison who were not members of the Taliban group and should not have been included in the release list.

He said: “Prosecutors specified a list of 700 of them and wrote that under no circumstances does the President of Afghanistan have the authority to pardon or reduce their [imprisonment period] considering their crimes.” They are drug traffickers or have been arrested for crimes such as rape and kidnapping. This list was given to the presidential palace, but due to the corruption inside the palace the names of these [criminals] were included in the release list.”

The previous government of Afghanistan was included in the list of the most corrupt governments in the world and was criticized by the internal circles of this country and foreign institutions.

In the current year, reports were published about the remarkable financial situation of former ministers and officials of Ashraf Ghani’s government in the United States and some European countries, during which the high living standard of these officials was attributed to corruption and bribery during their administration.

After he fled Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani was accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the funds of this country, he denounce it though.

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