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Former CIA officer slams Biden for denying failure in Afghanistan

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KABUL – In a scathing rebuke, former CIA senior officer Marc Polymeropoulos criticized U.S. President Joe Biden for disregarding the undeniable “facts on the ground” regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal. This comes in the wake of reports that hold the administration responsible for the disastrous pullout in Afghanistan which led to Taliban capturing Afghanistan.

A recently released State Department report, which pointed out that both the Biden and Trump administrations played a role in the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, found that the State Department’s operation was impeded by a lack of clarity regarding leadership responsibilities within the department. The report also highlighted the failure of the Biden administration to effectively mobilize and position the necessary personnel for a smooth evacuation. It cited the absence of experienced senior leadership and coordination as contributing factors.

When asked about the report’s findings and whether mistakes were made during the withdrawal, Biden refuted any wrongdoing. Despite the report’s conclusions, Biden maintained his position, emphasizing that his previous statements about Afghanistan were accurate. He highlighted his belief that al-Qaeda would not be present in Afghanistan and that the Taliban would provide assistance, citing these claims as evidence of his correctness.

Commenting on Biden’s defense, MSNBC host Katty Kay expressed skepticism, suggesting that it is implausible to deny the occurrence of mistakes during the evacuation process in Afghanistan. Polymeropoulos echoed this sentiment, expressing hope that Biden would reconsider his stance. He refuted the notion that al-Qaeda has been eradicated from Afghanistan and challenged the idea that the Taliban is a reliable counterterrorism partner, arguing that these assertions contradict the realities on the ground. Polymeropoulos also pointed out that the report primarily criticized senior intelligence officials rather than solely targeting the Biden Administration.

Additionally, Polymeropoulos criticized the timing of the report’s release, suggesting that publishing it on a Friday afternoon before the July 4 holiday was an ill-advised move that sent the wrong message.

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