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Former officials call for tradition Jirga to solve current problems

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Governors’ Association mostly made of the former provincial governors expressed concern over the failure of the National Unity Government, asking the traditional Loya Jirga should be called to overcome the problems.

“Disputes between the government leaders over dividing positions, inattention to hold parliamentary election, ramp up insecurity due to leadership weakness are the clear signs of the failure of the national unity government throughout the country,” said Abdul Jabbar Taqwa Head of Afghanistan Governors’ Association.

Addressing a press conference titled “Seeking solution for the crisis in Afghanistan”, Taqwa called that fall of Afghani against foreign currencies, unemployment, escaping of youth to abroad, distrust of people over the government, poverty, breaching of law, hiring of unprofessional figures in government posts, corruption and fall of various areas to Taliban as the signs of weakness of government.

Remaining silent against missile firing by Pakistan is questionable, he asserted.

“All Afghans must take part in the Jirga to take a comprehensive decision to rescue Afghanistan from current crisis,” he added.

He warned that Afghanistan would face greater challenges if the government remained inattentive.

He highlighted that Helmand, Samangan, Jawzjan, Faryab and some other provinces were suffering from insecurity and are at the brink of fall.

The former Kabul governor mocked the announcing of presidential election after one and half year, saying it made election and democracy hilarious.

Pointing to peace process, Mr. Taqwa said that due to dishonesty, seeking privileges, and other challenges, peace process had no result.

Afghanistan Governors’ Association asked the United States of America to pressure Pakistan to pave the ground for peace in Afghanistan.

Former governor of Paktika province, Mohebullah Samim, said that governors were not only worried about challenges, all people are concerned about their future.

He asked the people to be united and raise their voice for reforms.

“If the government and people keep neglecting challenges, the country will go toward bigger crisis,” he added.

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