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Former US defense secretary says no one held ‘accountable’ for Afghanistan failure


Kabul: Donald Trump’s last defense minister, Christopher Miller, has demanded that the country’s army generals be held accountable for the failure in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Miller, who served multiple deployments in both wars, writes in his new book, that Trump’s only guidance from him when he took the position in November 2020 was to “bring the troops home.”

Miller has said that despite the failure of the US army in Afghanistan and Iraq, no high-ranking military official has been held accountable for this failure.

“We lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no one’s been held accountable,” he told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “you’re responsible for everything that does or doesn’t happen, and to see the decisions that were made over the years that resulted in our defeat in Afghanistan, and no one’s been held responsible.”

He criticized the US army generals who have high positions despite military failures.

He said that many generals during the two wars said with “great confidence” that they would achieve the ultimate objectives of the American forces’ mission, but “failed horribly.”

Miller is upset that these generals have progressed instead of stepping aside and being impeached.

He said no one has questioned them. On the contrary, they are given positions in the board of directors of companies and research centers and receive exorbitant salaries.

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