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Freed Hostages Recall Taliban’s “Violent Treatment”

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KABUL: The Afghan security forces recently rescued from the Taliban’s custody, said that they were being treated with violence.

At least 24 hostages were rescued from the Taliban’s custody in operation carried out by the Afghan Special Forces this week in Qatalash area of Khan Abad district in northern Kunduz province.

A released hostage, Rizwanullah said that he has been severing for more than seven years in the military. Rizwanullah was taken hostage by the Taliban a month ago while he was on his way home to Badakhshan. “They (Taliban) have several prisoners. Off course, the main prisoner is Kabuliqishlaq village; over 40 security forces were hostage with us there, unfortunately, they (Taliban) shifted 17 people to another prisoner.”

Shah Wali is a military officer who remained for four months in Taliban’s custody, said “They dragged me out of the car. I spent over four months in custody but saw a lot of cruelty and oppression; first our food was not good; if I wanted to buy a Paracetamol, it would cost me 100 Afs.”

Meanwhile, Mohsen Danish a religious cleric said that treating the hostages violently was in contrast with the Islamic regulations. “One of the religious advices regarding the war affairs is to treat the hostages compassionately,” he said.

Special Forces Officer, Samiullah, the commander of the rescue team said that they conducted three crackdowns during one last month in the northern provinces of Kunduz and Baghlan. “There were three custodies; 32 people were at the first custody, 42 at the second and 24 at the third custody,” he said.

Deputy Commander of the Special Force Corps, Kheyal Nabi Ahmadzi warned that would destroy the Taliban if the group deny for peace in the country.

“We will focus on hideouts, training camps and financial sources of the Taliban in our coming operations,” he said. “We will also conduct operations in the areas where the Taliban disturb the people and blocks roads.”

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