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Freed prisoners call for closure of Gitmo detention camp

AT-KABUL: Tens of the people freed from Guantanamo jail along with the families of the detainees and the Afghanistan Anti War Organization (AAWO) staged demonstrated in front of the US embassy on Saturday to protest the continuation of the Gitmo prison, demanding the closure of it.

They carried banners read ‘shut Guantanamo, no fake democracy, no black site, you can kill us but you can’t kill our thoughts.”

Protestors were also chanting slogans like “close all secret prisons, stop bloody terrorism, stop killing of Muslims, death to America”.

One of the protestors Ekhtyar Mohammad said: “I was in a Gitmo lock up for five years without committing any crime.”

He said that the US Special Forces stormed his house in a 2004 night in Gardiz city, provincial capital of Paktia and arrested him. “They immediately sent me to Guantanamo prison.”

Mohammad said that he was found not guilty after five years in jail and was freed.

“We ask justice for those who are held in prisons without any crime. We call on the American government to close the Guantanamo jail,” he said.

Omarkhan, whose son Mohammad Kamin is in Guantanamo jail for 14 years says that he doesn’t know about his fate.

“It should have been clarified in 14 years that what crime my son committed,” he told Afghanistan Times, adding that his son was arrested by Afghan army and handed over to US troops.

Another one who had spent five years in Guantanamo prison said that no evidence was found to prove him guilty.

“After five years, they released me from the prison.”

“The government of Afghanistan must defend the rights of those Afghans held in lockups in Guantanamo,” he demanded.

The protesters asked for compensation in a resolution. “The US government should also close all the prisons where innocent Afghans accused of being linked with the armed opposition groups are held,” read the resolution.

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