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Freight transport helps expand Afghanistan—China trade

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KABUL: Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jinsong met Ajmal Ahmadi, the newly appointed Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry (Afghanistan), and Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Office of Afghanistan, where they discussed issues of mutual interests.

Tian Guanglei, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, was present in both meetings.

During meeting with Ahmadi, Liu congratulated him on his inauguration and believed it was a form of recognition by Afghan leaders of Ahmadi’s previous work performance.

Liu particularly praised Ahmadi’s efforts in pushing forward air freight transport, which helps to expand China-Afghanistan trade, Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan wrote in its twitter.

Liu pointed out that trade is the pillar of bilateral economic ties and an integral part of the Belt and Road Initiative. China highly values its trade with Afghanistan, and trade volume between the two countries surpassed $1.1 billion in 2018, said Liu.

He expressed China’s willingness to facilitate the import of pine nuts, saffron, pomegranates, marble, carpets, and other Afghan products into the Chinese market and its support for superior Chinese enterprises investing in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, he hoped that Afghanistan will continue to provide a business-friendly environment for Chinese companies. He also affirmed China’s support for Afghanistan in achieving industrialization, increasing employment, and developing professionals.

Liu invited the people of Afghanistan to attend the International Horticultural Exhibition, China-Eurasia Expo, China International Fair for Investment and Trade, China International Import Expo, and other annual events in China seeking mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Liu hopes China and Afghanistan, as developing countries, will strengthen cooperation under the WTO framework, uphold WTO rules, and oppose unilateralism and protectionism, ensuring that the WTO heads in the right direction. Ahmadi voiced support for China’s BRI and free trade.

Ahmadi thanked China for its assistance in Afghanistan’s reconstruction, and proposed to expand bilateral trade and learn from Chinese experience. He particularly welcomed Chinese investors in Afghanistan’s textile and garment industries, to which Liu responded positively.

In separate meeting, Ambassador Liu met with Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Office of Afghanistan.

Sharifi recalled with delight his five visits to China, praising the country’s ancient civilization, rapid progress, and friendliness towards Afghanistan. He mentioned Nanjing Audit University, where he was awarded honorary professorship and was impressed by Chinese students.

Sharifi stated his office’s plans to enhance its independent and equitable supervision over government work, no matter the difficulties. Speaking highly of China’s auditing system, Sharifi hopes for more assistance from China.

Liu briefed Sharifi on the history of China’s auditing system and its characteristics, pointing out the importance of auditing to national sovereignty and economic security. He also expressed admiration for Sharifi’s contributions to the building of an Afghan auditing system.

He thanked Sharifi for his positive evaluation of China’s reform and his strong support for bilateral cooperation in auditing. Liu offered Sharifi the English editions of two traditional Chinese classics – Lao Tze and Art of War.

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