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French, Uzbek Daesh militants killed in Jawzjan

AT-KABUL: Three French and four Uzbekistan fighters loyal to the Daesh extremist group have been killed in an airstrike carried out in the Darzab district of northern Faryab province, official said on Tuesday.

According to the officials, the strike was conducted on Monday evening when Daesh militants were gathered in Alkhani village of the district.

Provincial Police Chief, Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani confirmed the death of seven foreign fighters in the attack.

“Beside three French and four Uzbekistan fighters of the Daesh terrorists, dozens other militants including their Key commanders, were killed in the airstrike,” he added.

He also confirmed martyrdom of two civilians during airstrike.

Based on some reports, over 80 percent of Darzab district is under the control of Daesh and the extremist group has been engaged in recruiting campaign across the province.

At least 300 Afghan children in northern Jawzjan province have been under militant training of Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist group, local officials said recently.

The provincial council members of Jawzjan confirmed the news, saying most of the families were unwillingly forced due to poverty to hand over their children to the Daesh terror group.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission office in the Northern Province, also confirmed receiving reports of Daesh, recruiting children and urged the government to act urgently to prevent the human disaster at the hands of terrorist outfits.

It was also reported that Daesh has set up an army of 12 children aged 9 to 10-year old to carry out suicide attacks,

A member of Jawzjan provincial council, Halima Sadaf said, “A number of underage children that most of them are not from Jawzjan province have been trained for martyred-attacks.”

Sadaf emphasized that the aim of preparing these children for suicide attacks is still unknown but the government should take serious measures in suppressing the terrorist groups in all districts of Jawzjan.

The Darzab and Qosh Tapa districts of Jawzjan province have recently become the military base for Deash and the issue sparked concerns of the inhabitants.

There are concerns the number of young boys forced into Daesh ranks will increase as young children taken to live in its territories or born to “jihadi brides” grow up.

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