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Fresh NATO troops may empower Afghan forces: Defense Ministry

AT-KABUL: The defense ministry says that new addition of NATO and US soldiers can empower Afghan security forces especially the army’s commandos, air force and border troops.

Thousands of extra troops from the United States and its allies in the NATO are set to arrive in Afghanistan to join over 10,000 soldiers in training and advising Afghan army and police, based on the US president Donald Trump’s new strategy for Afghanistan.

The defense ministry said that cooperation between Afghan forces and NATO troops has already increased. It hopes that the new troops further improve training of Afghan soldiers.

“We see significant developments in the air force and commando unit due to cooperation of the US and NATO troops,” said Dawlat Waziri, spokesman of defense ministry.

A spokesman of the US forces in Afghanistan told the AFP that the new foreign troops would train Afghan security forces to help them stand on their own feet and fight insurgents.

Waziri said that army needs the US and NATO troops in different sections. “We have expanded the capacity of the commando unit, so we need more NATO troops to advise and train our commandos. Also, the border force joined the defense ministry that more advisers and trainers are needed. Our air force needs their train and advice as well,” he said.

He said that although Taliban did not stop attacks in this winter, adding that the security forces were in both the war frontlines and in the training rooms to be prepared to defend Taliban’s spring offensive.

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