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Fugitive criminal detained in Kabul

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KABUL: Police arrested Sher aka Sher Seyah Sang, a dangerous runaway criminal in Kabul city, interior ministry announced.

In a statement issued Sunday, the ministry said that police managed to “detain one of the dangerous” gangsters who was in wanted list for a long time.

“The detained man’s name is Sher Seyah Sang and is responsible for several crimes such as armed thefts, murders, extortions and other cases in different Police Districts.”

Sher is said to have been under police prosecution for a long time.

Kabul residents are under frequent threats by gangs and other gunmen who loot people. Targeted murders have increased in the capital and tens of civilians have been killed by gunmen or sticky bombs.

People are helpless as security forces do poor for tackling criminal incidents.

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