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A gang of target killers nabbed in Kandahar

AT-KABUL: The National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives on Sunday, detained a 12-member gang of target killers in southern Kandahar province, the agency said.

NDS in a statement, said the suspected gang of target killers has been held after investigating them properly and collection of accurate information.

The criminal gang was involved in target killing of police personnel, tribal leaders and destructive activities in the 9th police district of Kandahar city, including Brishna Kot, Tirai Ada and Eidga-Darwaza areas of the province, the statement added.

Arrested gang members were comprised of Mohammad Yaqub, Mohammad Yonus, Qutratullah, Fida Mohammand, Gul Agha, Mohammad Tahir, Mohammad Naseem, Muhibullah, Fateh Mohammad, Niaz Mohammad and Abdul Bari.

Moreover, some weapons and motorbikes have also seized by the NDS operatives.

For the past some months, a number of security personnel and tribal leaders have been lost their precious lives in target killing happened in various parts of the province.

Police officials in the province were optimistic in the arrest of the criminal gang, saying the terrorist acts of target killing could be decreased in the province.

Based on media reports, three individuals, including shopkeepers have been killed through sniper gun in Ghazni province during the past three days. The recent, but successful action by the NDS operatives against such organized criminals and terrorists is highly commendable. The security institutions must gear up their efforts to completely eradicate terrorists and gangs of organized crimes from the surface of the country.



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