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Gardez City under intense Taliban threats

AT-KABUL: Paktia Provincial Police Chief warned on Tuesday of Taliban security threats in the city, saying that Taliban fighters have planned group attacks over Gardez city after they fled Ghazni and scattered through Paktia province

Security threats in Gardez city, center of Paktia province raised concerns of residents and officials over the past week said Provincial Police Chief, Raz Mohammad Mandozai, adding that Taliban were planning to carry out group attacks on the city and security situation is getting worse in the city.

However, he complained of less security forces in the city and deficiency of police reinforcements. “More than ever, according to some government intelligence information, security threats state in a condition of high concern for Paktia province, specially the center of the province, Gardez city and it raised concerns for both residents and Provincial members”, said Mandozai

He said that security measures are tightened in the city and the insurgents will take their dreams to the grave if they attack Gardez city.

Meanwhile, Paktia residents and provincial council members said that if government does not take necessary actions and listen to their concerns the city will fall to the Taliban and Ghazni incident will repeat here.

“Taliban leadership is being controlled by foreign Taliban and they plan to conduct group attacks on Gardez city, like they did in Ghazni and other districts of the province and huge numbers of Taliban fighters are actively operating in Paktia province” said Taj Mohammad Mangal Paktia provincial council member.

 Mohammad Rahman Qadiri, another provincial council member said that almost all districts of the province are under Taliban threats.

“Central government has to meet the necessary steps for preventing the attacks and improving security stability in the province otherwise Gardez city will also face the same fate as Ghazni” said Atta a local resident.

Gardez city threatened of many attacks by Taliban who scattered through Gardez city after they stormed Ghazni city and turned it into ashes which was a sorrow for all Afghans.

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