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Gen. Miller says fighting covide19 pandemic impossible as violence continue

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KABUL: The U.S. and NATO lead mission top commander, Gen. Scott Miller has said that fighting the pandemic coronavirus outbreak in Afghanistan is nearly impossible if there is no halt in violence in the country.

Speaking to an American TV’s Public Broadcasting Service, Miller said “It’s something that affects the entire world, and it will affect coalition forces and Afghan security forces as well.” “The focus on this particular virus has to be on preventing the spread, which is difficult under even normal circumstances, but almost impossible if we have violence.”

Afghanistan has thus far recorded 1,092 coronavirus cases with 33 deaths and around 135 recovers.

Although the Taliban – who have been fighting the Afghan government for more than 18 years – had earlier pledged to cooperate with the national and international health organizations regarding combating the covid19, the group has been continuing its attacks across the country, in which tens of civilians and security forces have been killed. Statics show that the war has claimed more lives than coronavirus since the pandemic virus spread in Afghanistan.

The only way the Taliban be agreed to reduce violence is the release of their 5,000 prisoners held in Afghan government’s custody.

The US and Taliban back on February 29th signed a peace deal which pave the ground for a gradual drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and facilitation of intra-Afghan-talks.

To sign the peace deal, the militants had agreed on a weeklong reduction of violence. However the Afghan government had been emphasizing on continuation of partial truce, the insurgent group had not put any halt to its attacks, saying that the reduction of violence and ceasefire would be discussing during intra-Afghan-talks.

Afghanistan at the moment is struggling with a bunch of crisis which containing of political disagreement between the two leaders over power sharing, the fragile Afghan peace process and the outbreak of contagion Covide19 pandemic.

Earlier, the US Department of State announced the cut of 1 billion dollar aid after the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was failed to resolve the political controversies between President Ashraf Ghani and Self-Proclaimed President Abdullah Abdullah.

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