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Gen. Raziq sees Pakistan’s hand behind fighting in Helmand

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Gen. Abdul Raziq, police chief, of the southern Kandahar province, said that the ongoing fighting in Helmand province has been engineered and directed from Pakistan as Helmandis are worst hit by violence.

Talking to newsmen, Raziq said the militants are enjoying full support of Pakistan. He added that the insurgent groups are being directed and equipped with weapons by Pakistan.

“Pakistan has been giving directions and providing military facilities to the insurgents to continue fighting in Helmand province,” he furthered.

The militants some two weeks back took control of Nawzad district of Helmand province for a brief span of time, but the military operation led by Gen. Raziq the district put the militants to rout and the district was reclaimed.

“Shortage of security personnel and equipments as well as lack of financial support is the major problems that Helmand masses facing with,” he remarked.

Moreover, the residents and security officials of Nawzad district expressed their concerns and said that the central government should be informed about the issue and stern steps should be taken to solve the problems. Raziq blamed the government for being passive to improve law and order situation in the province.  He termed absenteeism of security forces from duties yet another problem in the province.

Pointing at the illegal extraction of natural resources and drug trafficking in the province, Raziq said that there are some security officials and militants involved in this dirty game. He called on the government to send more Afghan Local Police (ALP) to all the districts of the province.

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