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After Geneva, London, ‘Free Balochistan Movements’ speaks louder in US

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The World Baloch Organization (WBO) has displayed its Free Balochistan posters in New York City’s ‘Time Square’ on Wednesday to highlight human rights violation committed by Pakistan’s security forces in Balochistan. It comes after a successful implementation of the same campaign in Geneva and London which turns heat on Pakistan.

The New York campaign, spreading awareness about abuses of Human rights violation in the occupied province was kicked-off with more than 100 taxis carrying adverts with the slogan, “Free Balochistan from human rights violations by Pakistan.” The cars and trucks drove around the consulates of Pakistan and China, WBO said in a statement. One of the signs also read “No to CPEC”, referring to the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which has been embracing severe opposition from Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi peoples who terms it imperialistic design of Punjab against the natural resources of small but suppressed ethnicities in the country.

After the unduly creation of Pakistan, Balochistan, a homeland of Baloch and Pashtun ethnic populations has been forcibly annexed by Pakistan in 1948 and has been under military occupation ever since, with mass enforced disappearances, torture and executions by the Pakistan civil and military institutions, but the civil and military leadership of the country have been making attempts to keep the civilized world in darkness by hiding its crimes against innocent civilians and freedom activists. “We are running the campaign to expose these abuses,” said Bhawal Mengal, spokesperson for the WBO.

“Thousands of Baloch people have been murdered or disappeared by Pakistani armed forces. The killings are happening right now, the American weapons that were given to Pakistan to use against the Taliban are being diverted and misused to attack the secular Baloch people, including F-16 fighter jets and Cobra attack helicopters,” he added.

Highlighting the goal of campaign he said it is a part of awareness to be created among the American people about the ethnic persecution and disgusting human rights violations in Balochistan and seeking US support to the Baloch people’s quest for peace and freedom.

Moreover, Bhawal Mengal urged the US administration to cut off all military assistance to Pakistan and hold it accountable for its inhuman crimes and terrorist policies, taking valuable lives of innocent human beings in the region and bleeding US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan’s iron-fisted rule in Balochistan is so brutal that it will not allow journalists, human rights monitors and aid agencies to enter the region. These adverts are much needed to defend the human rights of the Baloch people and to expose the atrocities of the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies,” he said.

Mengal defined the World Baloch Organization as a peaceful, lawful lobby against Pakistan’s war crimes and human rights abuses in Balochistan.

Moreover, the Central Spokesperson of Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Sher Mohammad Bugti told Afghanistan Times that the ongoing campaign is aimed at spreading awareness in the civilized world about the Pakistani occupation over Balochistan and continued genocide of Baloch people, including women and children by Pakistan’s armed forces. Sher Mohammad Bugti said Pakistan’s security forces have been kidnapping and torturing the Baloch people and keep them in Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) unknown torture cells.

He called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to take serious notice of human rights violations in occupied Balochistan and support free Balochistan movement to bring peace and stability in the region and around the globe. He added Baloch people are committed to Baloch freedom and one day the suppressed and victimized people of Balochistan will achieve free and independent Balochistan.

“It’s killing and dump policies in Balochistan. Our aim is to tell the world what happening in Balochistan what Pakistan is doing with Baloch. Every day people are being picked up by ISI and their whereabouts is unknown,” he said, adding they are bearing inhuman tortures in ISI secret torture cells. Then their decomposed dead bodies are and being thrown road side and in jungles.

He added that these are the facts the world should know and play their role to save Baloch extinction. “First we had stated free Balochistan campaign in Geneva then in U.K. now in America. Pakistan has tried to stop but failed.”

Territorially Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan. It has a vast range of oil, gas and mineral resources which have been under exploitation by Pakistan, while the Baloch people live in abject poverty and even have not access to soft drinking water and basic facilities of primary and higher education. To maintain its occupation, the government and state institutions of Pakistan have been resorting to terror tactics and worst type of brutalities. Moreover, free hand to religious extremists operating in the region has been given where from the terrorist outfits are launching and operating terrorist activities against Afghanistan as well. In addition to that, it is using them as a proxy third force against the nationalist movements, which has a long tradition of democracy and secularism.

Besides, free Balochistan Movement, Independent Sindhudesh movement led by a popular Sindhi nationalist leader, Shafi Muhammad Burfat and Independent Pashtunistan slogans have been chanting by Pashtun activists in Pakistan and abroad. That’s why, the suppressed people of FATA have been opposing merger of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or any other part of Pakistan and they want the international community to install the United Nations led administration in FATA to decide it’s on international forums and paves a way to Pashtun freedom and to win war on terror. To counter the pro-terror policies of Pakistan, the US-led International community has no alternative to support the freedom movements against Pakistan. Last day the senior leader Bharatiya Janata Party said Pakistan must be divided into four pieces to establish durable peace and stability in the region and around the globe.

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