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Georgian Servicemen Wounded in Afghanistan

Three Georgian soldiers have been wounded during a patrol around an Airfiled in Afghanistan, – reports Georgia’s Defense Ministry.

The 31st battalion of the 3rd infantry brigade are in their second month of this tour, and are involved in the Resolute Support mission commanded by U.S. troops in Afghanistan. General Papuna Khorava, Corporal Omar Beridze and Corporal Nugzar Osanadze are at Bagram Airfiled hospital for medical examinations. According to the ministry, the military servicemen’s health condition is “stable and their life is not under threat.”

Since the war began in 2001, 32 Georgian soldiers have died and around 280 have been wounded. The highest number of Georgian fatalities in a single incident was on June 6, 2013, when a truck hit a Georgian outpost in Helmand, injuring 9 and killing 7.

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