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German govt to deport dozens of Afghans today

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The German government is expected to deport dozens of Afghans asylum-seekers today (Wednesday), a British newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The would-be deportees, numbering 78, include a 26-year-old who fears he will be killed on return to his conflict-torn country. In his case, Germany has been accused of breaking its own rules.

Without naming the man the Guardian reported he would be flown out of Germany on Wednesday to Afghanistan, which he left when he was five years old.

Under a controversial policy, Germany can deport male Afghan asylum seekers if they have been convicted of crimes or are considered to be “dangerous” suspects.

They can also be expelled if they refuse to cooperate with immigration officials on clarifying their identities, according to the decision. But lawyers for the 26-year-old claim their client does not fall into any of these categories.

“He is not a criminal, is not being observed as a potential terrorist and has cooperated in giving his identification papers,” said Philipp Pruy, an immigration lawyer from BC Legal Lawyers.

“He is unfairly and callously being sent back but he has not committed a crime and he has cooperated in making sure the government can identify who he is.”

The lawyer told the daily: “They only told him one week ago that he would be deported. He fears his life could be in danger.”

The young man, whose asylum application has been rejected, told the Guardian he was stressed at the prospect of returning to a country he had not been to since the age of five.

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