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Germany says troop withdrawal should be conditioned on Afghan peace talks

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KABUL: Germany says that the withdrawal of foreign soldiers from Afghanistan should be done on condition of the success of the peace negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban.

Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister, said Wednesday in an interview with reporters that the ongoing Afghan peace talks would not have results until end of April, warning that Taliban would probably leave the negotiation table and resort to military solution.

The United States is expected to pull all its soldiers out of Afghanistan by May, under a peace deal Washington signed last year with the Taliban.

But other NATO member countries would likely keep soldiers in the war-hit country beyond May, according to reports.

Taliban who vowed to cut ties with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, reduce violence and hold talks with the government of Afghanistan, are blamed by international community for keeping relations with al-Qaeda and not reducing violence.

The new government in the United States has said it would take a look at the deal signed by Trump administration to see if Taliban have fulfilled commitments.

Maas emphasized that the withdrawal of foreign forces should begin at the end of a successful peace negotiation between Kabul and Taliban.

Taliban threatened last week to resume violence if the US and its allies intend to keep troops in Afghanistan after May.  

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