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Ghani appoints Omer as his senior adviser

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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani appointed Waheed Omer as his senior adviser for strategic affairs, an order came after he resigned as Afghan ambassador to Rome, Ghani’s office announced.

“Based on the constitution’s article 64, I appoint Mr. Waheed Omer as senior presidential adviser for strategic affaris,” Ghani was quoted as saying by a statement released by his office on Tuesday.

Article 64 of constitution reads: Appointing, retirement, accepting of resignation, dismissal of judges, officers of army, police and intelligence are the president’s authorities.

President has explained in his order that Mr. Omer would attend meetings of national security council and high economic council and would have to prepare policies for strategic relationships and supervise its implementations.

Omer called new missions to preserve achievements gained in the past 18 years as the reason of his resignation.

Ghani has been recently busy in widespread officials’ appointing and dismissals, a step faced by criticisms by his political oppositions, who blame the president for carrying out the changes to get advantage in the July presidential elections that he will contest more than a dozen of his rivals in the polls.

Ghani fired on Tuesday his envoy for the Commonwealth of Nations, Mohammad Shaker Kargar.

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