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Ghani asks Pakistan to expunge terrorist havens

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani said that his government doesn’t want peace from Pakistan, but expects to suppress the safe terrorist networks inside its soil.

Speaking in a press conference, Ghani said Monday that the international community had remarkable attention for support of Afghan government against terrorism threats.

Ghani said the countries that do not support Afghanistan in peace, stability and struggle against terrorism, would be isolated.

“Those [country] who have not support Afghanistan against international terrorism, suffer from serious isolation and seek appropriate ways to rescue itself from loneliness of the world.”

He said Afghanistan doesn’t want to remain depth of strategy for any countries and wants to live independently and free of any political interference from its neighborhoods.

He accused Pakistan once again of not being honest to its commitments on the Afghan peace process.

“We don’t want peace from Pakistan, but we want Islamabad to suppress those terrorists who are against peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Ghani asserted.

“I obviously illustrated the undeclared war of Pakistan against Afghanistan to be finished soon and it was not questionable for them” he added.

President Ghani emphasized that Afghan government had foolproof evidence that a specific neighboring country threatened this country through terrorist activities.

“Leaders of the states acknowledged locality of Afghanistan and committed to start joint cooperation with Pakistan over a framework to maintain peace and stability in Afghanistan” said Ghani.

Afghan officials frequently accuse Pakistan of supporting terrorist networks inside its country and they claimed that terrorist attacks are organized from this country against Afghanistan.

President of Afghanistan threatened that everyone who supports terrorists and interfere in internal affairs of the country is the enemy of Afghanistan.

Some political analysts believe that as long as the international community put pleasure on Pakistan to stop its intervention, Afghanistan would not see face of peace and stability.


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