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Ghani calls for cohesion, collective effort towards durable peace

AT-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has called for intensified struggle and mobilized national movement and unity to achieve a sustainable peace.

At a conference, the president said the rule of law as well as the role of jihadi and tribal elders was important to put an end to the ongoing wars.

“We must have the rule of law and decisive will, otherwise peace won’t come. Everyone should feel responsibility as the ambassador of peace. All those who possess guns, should lay their guns down,” Ghani addressed a consultative conference attended by the tribal and jihadi elders as well as members of provincial councils in Kabul.

He told Taliban that war was easy in the current situation, while working for peace was difficult.

Mohammad Karim Khalili, head of the high peace council said that efforts for peace wouldn’t get fruit unless the process is nationwide.

Earlier, the Taliban in a letter to the US government and people had asked for the end of war and demanded peace negotiations.

The US in response, called on Taliban to hold peace talks with the government of Afghanistan.

Separately, Motasem Agha Jan, a former Taliban official has termed a political agreement as the only way to overcome the current crisis, saying that the United Nations’ intermediation was important in this regard.

The UN representative in Afghanistan said the organization would use every effort to help bring peace in Afghanistan.

The consultation conference said in a resolution that it would honestly cooperate for the end of war.

About 800 tribal and jihadi elders attended the two-day conference.

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