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Ghani calls on Islamabad to take military action against Taliban

AT-KABUL: After last week’s deadly Taliban attack in Kabul, Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani called on Pakistan to take military action against Taliban on its soil rather than to bring them into peace talks, a move which is seen as a major policy shift in Afghan peace talks.

Ghani made the remarks while addressing joint session of the parliament on Monday, only few days after a deadly Taliban attack in Kabul that killed 64 people and wounded another 347, most of them civilians.

Ghani informed that Taliban leaders enjoy safe heavens in Quetta and Peshawar cities of Pakistan and the tribal regions along the border from where they launch attacks and manage war in Afghan provinces.

Ghani asked Pakistan must “take military action” against the Taliban, who rejected to join peace talks under the recent Quadrilateral Coordination Group, comprised of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States. If Pakistan don’t take military action president said it can handover the Taliban leaders to Afghanistan.

Ghani warned if Kabul did not see change in Pakistani policy regarding Taliban, Afghan government will complain to the United Nations and will take diplomatic actions to find solution to the problem.

As major policy shift Ghani called Taliban as ignoramus group who enjoy killing innocent Afghans to serve policy of the foreigners.

The government which already launched military operation against Taliban named Shafaq will increase its military pressure on militants he said, adding in end of the day Taliban will have no way but to beg for peace talks. “Peace talk’s door is open only for those Taliban groups who not believe in violence and accept Afghan constitution.”

The enraged president vowed that pardon policy for Taliban prisoners will no longer work and government is committed after this to implement orders of the Afghan courts including executions of Taliban prisoners.

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