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Ghani is a former president; Abdullah’s aide

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KABUL: As political crisis in Afghanistan remains uncertain, an aide to Dr. Abdullah who has set up his parallel government against his rival’s administration says that Ashraf Ghani is the former president and that his orders are devoid of legitimacy.

Omid Meisam hinted at election irregularities and controversies and said that Ashraf Ghani is the former president and cannot issue decrees.

Abdullah Abdullah’s aide who talked to the Wall Street Journal said that Ghani can never issue new orders as he is no longer the president of Afghanistan.

Earlier, Dr. Abdullah’s Sapedar Palace in a statement said that the government of national unity ceased to exist after the inauguration of “the president of Afghanistan’s inclusive government and rendered Ghani’s orders invalid.

This is as Ashraf Ghani issued three significant orders after his swearing-in ceremony; appointment of Yusuf Ghazanfar as his special aide in economic and trade and poverty reduction affairs, and release of Taliban prisoners, and also annulment of the Office of Chief Executive.

Abdullah’s camp has said that top priorities of their “inclusive” government is to form the cabinet, adding that their government will bring changes in provinces.

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