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Ghani promises ban of night raids in Wardak

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KABUL: Tribal elders and influential figures from Wardak province say that President Ashraf Ghani had promised them to ban night raids on their villages.

These elders met with President Ghani on Monday, saying that the president promised them to collect the units conducting night raids under the national security umbrella.

But presidential office said that Ghani had promised for a “basic change” for the prevention of civilian casualties during the meeting.

Ghani met with Wardak representatives Sunday night after an army service member was killed, promising to prevent civilian casualties.

The representatives said that they asked for the ban of night raids in their province to prevent civilian casualties, and the president nodded.

The meeting comes after seven civilians including women and children were killed in an army airstrike in the Sayed Abad district of Wardak last week.

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