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Ghani reiterates call on Taliban to join peace

AT News Report-KABUL: Addressing a gathering marking the 26th victory Day of Mujahidin,President Ghani on Saturday reiterated call on the Taliban to join peace talks.

The president emphasized that most of the Taliban, except a fraction of them, were against fighting. Ghani called on the Taliban to accept his unconditional peace offer if “they are Muslim and Afghan”. “Neither the Taliban nor Daesh had roots and compulsion towards people, that’s why militants murder ordinary people,” he said.

April 28 coincides with the 26th anniversary of Mujahidin’s victory against the Soviets. On this day in 1992, Mujahidin also toppled the communist-backedregime and defeated the Red Army. Ghani stressed that Mujahidin and Jihad were rooted in the unity of people. He said all Afghans were in fact Mujahidin.He said an unexpected tragedy transpired following victory of Mujahidin and civil war broke out – emanating from a quarrel on how to build an all-inclusive government.

Referring to governance and reforms, the president highlighted that reforms will be in accordance with the constitution and tasks shall be given to those who are merited and committed, reaffirming the government’s commitment for a sustainable development.

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