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Ghani says edging closer to deal with Abdullah

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s feuding technocrat leaders have reportedly arrived at agreement over key issues in ending their longstanding rift over power tussle.

President Ashraf Ghani’s aide has confirmed the two-pronged negotiations between him and his rival Abdullah is culminating into a political settlement.

A significant breakthrough has been made in the ‘continuous and inclusive negotiations’ between the two leaders, but there still exist issues that need further meticulous talks, Seddiq Seddiqi, spokesman to the presidential palace, told reporters on Tuesday.

Among unresolved issues is the proposition to bestow the rank of general to Abdul Rashid Dostum, he said. “A focal point in the agreement is the split of power in the government and the president himself wants to do so to end the political crisis. Everything will be under a political agreement under the auspices of the Constitution,” he said.

Political deadlock has impinged negative impacts on governance, peace negotiations, military morale, and economy. Afghanistan is on the precipice of a disaster, a total rout of democracy and return of the bleak days of the Taliban if the leaders continue their obstinacy and greed over power.

Having stemmed from the flawed elections last year, the political conflict has spawned abject poverty and induced privation. Though both the squabbling leaders are said to be edging closer to a power-sharing deal, people put a negative spin to it.

An unmistakable air of letdown settled over Afghanistan after many months of rifts and disagreements within the leadership as the government was extremely shaky and in a precarious political and economic position. Escalation of violence and sustained spread of the coronavirus has only exacerbated the problems.

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