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Ghani stresses over inclusiveness of peace

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KABUL: Conditions for restoration of peace is more visible in the ground, and this opportunity must not go in vain, President Asrhaf Ghani said Wednesday, while briefing 5th Annual European Anti-Corruption Conference at Presidential Palace.

However, he stressed over inclusiveness of the peace with insisting that this opportunity should not have lost. “Peace should be inclusive and national.”

“There would be no peace opportunity every day, he said, adding, if it lost, it will a have huge responsibility.”

Going backward is not acceptable, Ghani said, warning such trend is not acceptable to the nation. “There is no retrograde, only moving forward.”

President Ghani expressed his deepest anxiety over security forces casualties, saying war has a very huge price, thus peace talks between Kabul administration and the Taliban negotiation team should take place.

In the wake of ongoing peace efforts, where US officials are hopeful of a deal before September, where the Afghan masses will go to the polling stations on 28th to cast their votes, President Ghani said the elections will happen on due time.

Time and again US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalamy Khalilzad preferred peace over election and hoped peace deal to happen soon. However, once he said that both the process—peace and election—should go hand in hand.

President Ghani also talked about his recent visit to Pakistan, where according to him a new chapter in relations with Pakistan has opened.

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