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Ghani to Taliban: “Don’t give authority to neighboring countries if you’re Afghans’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Calling on the Taliban insurgents, President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday asked the group for not giving authority to the neighboring countries if they are true Afghans.

“If you’re really Afghans, must have join intra-Afghan peace talks and don’t give you’re authority to the neighboring countries,” President Ghani said, referring to the Taliban insurgents dependency on neighboring countries.

Speaking at the conclusion of a peace conference with civil society, youth and women in Kabul on Wednesday, President Ghani termed Hezb-e-Islami’s—a political party, reconciliation as a clear achievement of intra-Afghan peace dialogue.

On Pakistan, President Ghani said Kabul, and Islamabad can become prosperous. “There is a need of a comprehensive peace talks with Pakistan. We have extended our negotiations hand.”

The phenomenon of terrorism, is like a snake into everyone’s sleeve, which sting those who kept it in its sleeve, he added.

Reacting toward Pakistani Ulema’s recent Fatwa, calling suicide attack forbidden (Haram), President Ghani said ‘Islamic rule and regulations is not for one country. It is for entire Islamic World’.

Moreover, he questioned over crossing of militants bypassing five countries without any violence, but martyr innocent Afghans, including women, children the moment reached Afghanistan.

President Ghani also emphasized on building Afghanistan with cutting off evil hands who hell-bent on destroying it.

Regarding Afghan refugees, the president said, “Till our four million Afghans living outside, we are not completed.” However, he assured of steps facilitating refugees come back to their motherland.

In order to reach durable peace, and prosperity across the country, President Ghani called on all people, including Ulema, youth, and women to support government in its efforts on peace process.

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