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Ghani to cancel HPC: Authorities

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KABUL: As the lawmakers have approved the establishment of the “State Ministry for Peace Affairs” authorities said on Tuesday that President Ashraf Ghani would cancel the High Peace Council- an organization that has been formed to continue the peace efforts with the Taliban militants in Afghanistan.  

Deputy of HPC, Din Mohammad believes that the formation of council would currently not make any progress as Ghani has formed a parallel department which is the state ministry for peace affairs.

Ghani would cancel the council if he gets to second round of presidency, said Mohammad.

“IF Ghani and his backers want to manage peace talks through the ministry of state for peace affairs, it is a good idea but if it had not happened, then there would have been a bunch of other problems because people just want the end of war in Afghanistan,” he added.  

Earlier, Ghani has formed the ministry of state for peace affairs and appointed Salam Rahimi as head of the ministry. The president simultaneously formed another ministry of state for human rights affairs and appointed Sima Samar as the in charge.

Meanwhile, some analysts have criticized on the government for making parallel departments.

Gul Ahmad Azimi, a member of the parliament has called the formation of two separated organizations aiming to run a specific mission a chaotic move that would not bring any positive result at the peace quest.  

But, Durani Waziri, a spokesman for Ghani has denied the formation as the parallel organs, saying that some of the administrations have been formed in accordance to the needs of the government.   

“The government has cancelled a number of ministries that has had similar policy and mission,” he said adding, “but, in accordance to some priority, the government has formed a number of organizations.”

The fragile Afghan peace talks are in a critical level as the Taliban has not expressed readiness for the US demand of a precondition “ten day” ceasefire. The Taliban spokesman has turned down the reports which said that the group’s leaderships has agreed on a short term ceasefire.  

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