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Ghani under serious fire after comments on Afghan youth

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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has come under serious criticism following a controversial statement about Afghan youth, who he said were engaged in ‘corruption’.

On Wednesday, President Ghani appeared on a live TV debate on National Radio Television and conferred on his policies regarding Afghanistan’s issues.

However, his response to a question posed by a female activities, sparked heated discussion from Afghan journalists, members of civil society institutions, and the general public.

Fariha Esar was among the participants who asked President Ghani questions about the security and social challenges facing the Afghan youth; to which Ghani responded: “How many of you are learning in a systematic manner in the universities? How many of you are seeking a second and third chance? You [the youth] should also look at your own generation. Unfortunately, corruption among your generation is also not so small.”

Esar said Ghani’s responses weren’t convincing as she accused him of insulting the new generation of Afghanistan. “While I was talking, they were saying not to allow me to talk more, or it’s enough, or let others’ turn come – I think these all show censorship,” added Fariha.

Similarly, the social media users have expressed mixed reactions to this heated issue of Ghani’s comments.

However, the palace has rejected censorship allegations and that the president insulted anyone with his comments.

Ghani’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said that half of Ghani’s cabinet ministers come from the youth of the country.

“President Ghani is a bridge between the young and old generations of Afghanistan. Over the past five years, the president focused more efforts on development for the outstanding youth who had not the least political support,” tweeted Sediqqi.

This comes as Ghani always takes pride in empowering the Afghan youth and creating opportunities to avail their capacity in the government machinery.

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