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Ghani urges mobilization of pro-government forces

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KABUL: Amidst a rapidly deteriorating security situation, President Ghani in a meeting with political leaders, jihadi figures and the heads of the National Assembly called for quick mobilization of pro-government forces.

Ghani said that during the meeting, while supporting the security forces and the survival of the republic system, a decision was made to consolidate, strengthen and equip the public uprising forces against the Taliban.

Criticizing the performance of the popular uprising forces against the Taliban, as well as their lack of equipment by the government, the former president’s national security adviser stressed on Sunday that the people’s forces in the country, especially in Herat province, should be strengthened.

Speaking at a meeting in Kabul to review the security situation in Herat, Rangin Dadfar Spanta added that it was necessary to strengthen the people’s forces against the Taliban to prevent the city from falling to Herat.

Spanta also told the meeting, organized by the Institute for Strategic Studies, that incorrect policies, temporary fires in limited parts of the country, would lead to an increase in violence in the country.

He stressed: “If Kandahar Kalan, or the Kandahar and Paktia governorships are to go to a separate ceasefire, then the spirit of national unity will be damaged. “

Other participants in the meeting also stressed the need to support the popular uprising forces, especially the People’s Resistance Front formed by Ismail Khan in Herat.

The city of Herat has been witnessing Taliban attacks for more than ten days. But today it was reported that government forces and popular uprisings had pushed the Taliban back from across the city of Herat.

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