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Ghani was living in a “Fantasyland” says SIGAR

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Kabul: In its report, the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as (SIGAR), says that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the fugitive president of Afghanistan, was oblivious to troubling realities confronting his country and isolated from voices and opinions beyond his handpicked inner circle of confidants which undermined the effectiveness of the government institutions that he led and eventually collapsed.

In this report quoting Michael McKinley, the former US ambassador in Kabul, as saying that Ghani was living far away from realities in Afghanistan in a “Fantasyland”.

In a series of tweets that published parts of its new report, the institution said that Ghani made decisions that undermined the effectiveness of the government institutions he led, regardless of the diversity of opposing views or background information.

SIGAR adds that six factors caused the collapse of the previous government in Afghanistan.

According to this institution, these factors were, the government’s disbelief in the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the Doha agreement, the government’s insistence on the integration of the Taliban, Ghani’s monopoly of power, the Taliban’s refusal to negotiate and corruption that led to the downfall of the Afghan government.

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