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Ghani was not required by any law to share power: Kerry

President Ghani was not required by any law to share power and create a unity government, said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as he praised the leader for the sacrifice.

Kerry, who had brokered a power-sharing deal in a disputed election, made the remarks as he hosted the Afghan leaders for dinner at his office in Washington.

“(Ghani) was not required by any law, by any rule, by any precedent to share power and create a unity government,” said Kerry, “but he did so because he believed it was in the interest of Afghanistan and it was the best way to move forward.”

Kerry had travelled two times to Afghanistan to salvage an election marred by accusation of mass fraud. The election which was meant to be first democratic transfer of power in the country ended up with the election rivals forming a power-sharing government in which Abdullah acts as Chief Executive.

Thanking Kerry, Ghani in a cheery told Kerry: “you have given us some example of what mediation is like.”

“Leadership is about sacrifice, it is not about privilege,” Ghani said.

Describing corruption as a “national shame,” Ghani pledged to put efforts in fighting the menace.

“We will overcome this national shame the way we overcame other forms of adversity,” he said as he was applauded by the audience. (1-TV News)

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