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Ghani’s Adviser Assures of Inclusive Govt. in Future

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KABUL: Hamdullah Moheb, President Ashraf Ghani’s National Security Adviser, says that Afghanistan’s political system in the future will be inclusive in which all parties would have representatives.

The statement comes as Ghani’s representatives are in Qatar since early September to talk to the Taliban negotiators on peace and future governance system, after the insurgent group made a peace deal with the United States in late February based on which Washington agreed to pull all its soldiers out of the country by May, 2021.

“The government of Afghanistan is negotiating with the Taliban to seek a political solution and including of Taliban in the government. We may manage to establish a system in which all Afghans can see themselves,” Moheb said Sunday at a conference title ‘Resolve of Central Asia’s Problems’ held in Bahrain.

However, he did not elaborate how the next governance system would be, but Kabul is emphasizing on the republic system while Taliban urge the reshaping of Islamic Emirate (a system the militant group had established while ruling Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001).

Mohammad Naeem, Taliban’s political spokesman ruled out any discussion on the next governing system as premature, but said that the next system should be Islamic and national.

President Ghani is trying to reach a settlement with the insurgents as the United States plans to withdraw its soldiers after two decades of war in Afghanistan.

The US has now 4,500 troops in Afghanistan mostly involved in training Afghan army and police. The number of troops would decrease to 2,500 in mid January, based on Trump’s decision.

The withdrawal decision was followed by large number of criticisms by the US congressmen who called for a revise.

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