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Ghani’s Aide Speaks About ‘Impartial Administration’ As an Option

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KABUL: President Ghani’s adviser and representative for Pakistan Umer Daudzai says a “completely impartial government” would be one of the options, adding that Taliban do not want an interim and participatory administration.

“Afghanistan has its owner and nobody can impose a decision on this country,” Daudzai said Wednesday at a gathering in Kabul.

He said that Taliban militants want neither interim nor participatory government. “Their demand is just the system change and the formation of a clerics’ council.” Daudzai said that the government of Afghanistan has several options.

“Continuing the current system, a premature election and an impartial government with nobody from Taliban, mujahideen and the current government are our options.”

He called the early election a sacrifice from the government, while he said the president needed to finish his term.

He accused the Taliban of rejecting an administration with domestic and foreign legitimacy, saying they want a government without any legitimacy.

“Afghanistan is young with thousands of educated people who need to make decisions about the future of their country,” said Daudzai.

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