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Ghani’s faulty decisions led to collapse of Afghan army


Kabul: The US Special Investigation Agency for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as “SIGAR”, has published a new report on the collapse of the former Afghan army and said that the decisions of the fugitive Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, helped weaken the army.

In his analysis of the reasons for the downfall of the army, SIGAR wrote that along with administrative corruption and ANSDF dependency on U.S. military forces, Ghani’s “ethnic appointments” and “frequent changes in the army” reduced the morale and power of the security forces.

Despite years of training and equipping by the US, the Afghan army lost the ability to resist the Taliban forces and collapsed when the withdrawal of all US forces was confirmed.

In the SIGAR report, Ashraf Ghani’s government was criticized for not reducing the dependence of the Afghan army on American forces and for not having a “national security strategy” for the post-foreign forces era.

“This constant shift in the command hierarchy undermined the morale and confidence of the defense forces, the young, trained, educated and professional officers who were trained under the US military were marginalized,” added the Office of the Chief of Staff.

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