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Ghani’s inauguration ceremony postponed

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KABUL: The Presidential Palace on Wednesday has confirmed that ceremony to swear in Ashraf Ghani as president scheduled for Thursday, has been delayed—giving an opportunity for the Afghan leaders to form a comprehensive government to end the controversial post-election crisis.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan has announced the postponement of tomorrow’s (Thursday) planned presidential inauguration ceremony. I welcome President Ghani’s decision to postpone the event until March 9,” US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted on Wednesday.

“This will allow time for necessary consultations so that the best interests of Afghanistan and its people are reflected and preserved by the new government,” he added.

He furthered: “As the electoral process has concluded, President Ghani, as the declared winner, and other leaders should ensure that the new government is inclusive and reflects the aspirations of all Afghans.”

Fazal Ahmad Manawi said the patrons of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, who vowed to from exclusive government after rejected election results that declared Ghani as winner, said they will stop appointing new governors in northern provinces. 

“Khalilzad had to calm Ghani down. He said election was held, IEC declared Ghani winner. He neither affirmed IEC’s decision nor congratulated Ghani. He stated that next government will be inclusive of all factions, and didn’t say Ghani’s government. He thanked Ghani for delay of inaugural ceremony,” Fazal Ahmad Manawi tweeted.

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