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Ghazni car bombing kills 4, injuries 10

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: At least four people were killed and 10 others were injured when a car bomb exploded Wednesday afternoon in southern Ghazni province.

A Taliban suicide bomber who drove an explosive-laden Humvee went off in city’s security belt in 2nd PD of Ghazni at around 1:50pm local time, Ghazni Governor Spokesman Aref Noori told Afghanistan.

He said the suspected full of explosive Humvee was identified by city’s security belt and warned to stop, but the Humvee without attention to cautions crossed the checkpoint, which was targeted and blown up by the Afghan security forces before to reach the second checkpoint.

He said scores of attacker were also inside the Hamvee, who were firing on security force, but all were killed after car bomber went off.

The incident took place in Ghazni vicinity in Kabul-Kandahar High way close to the former Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) ex-compound, he added. The blast was too heavy that some nearby offices and shops were destroyed in the area.

“Two civilians, two military personnel were martyred, he said based on initial reports, adding 10 others received injures. Casualty feared to be increased.

Security forces had pre-intelligence information of such car bombing attack, thus they were stand ready and respond well to it before reaching the target, he concluded.

Meanwhile Presidential Information Coordination Center in a tweet confirmed the incident, saying four suicide bombers were killed in the explosion.

“A big terrorist attack prevented in Ghazni. Attackers planed to bring a Humvee full of explosives to the center of Ghazni city and conduct a big crime, but it was prevented by security forces before reaching target,” it added.

Taliban insurgent group claimed responsibility for the attack, and its spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that their fighters, who drove a Humvee full of explosive hit a security check points in Ghazni.

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