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Ghazni’s Ajristan has not collapsed: Gov’t

AT-KABUL: A government official denied reports over the fall of a district in Ghazni province to Taliban fighters, saying “the enemy” has retreated and the area is under government control.

Earlier today, reports said that the Ajristan district had fallen to Taliban.

“Our commando units landed in Ajrestan by four helicopters. We transported the wounded troops by two helicopters that brought fresh forces. The enemy has retreated, our police forces whose ammunition had finished, have arrived in the secure area of Miramor in Daiknodi province. The situation is in general calm and there is no war there,” said provincial governor, Abdul Karim Matin.

Taliban Spokesman, QariYousufAhmadi, claimed the fall of Ajrestan to the group, saying that multiple soldiers and police were killed and injured in the militants’ attack.

But the provincial governor said that a delegation was due to head to Ajrestan to provide further information. “Ajrestan is a remote district and the only mobile phone antenna there has been damaged. We do not have phone contacts and we have to make contacts through satellite system. We don’t have precise number of the casualties and our delegation will provide us information,” Matin said.

Provincial Spokesman, ArefNoori, had previously confirmed that 18 soldiers were killed in the fight with Taliban in Ajrestan.

The attack on Ajrestan comes after the insurgents stormed the provincial capital of Farah last week from different direction and held the city for a few hours before being driven back by the government reinforcement.

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